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The Concept

Rent to buy/own is an internationally renowned scheme to assist people to become property owners of a flat or house that they live in as tenants.

Becoming an owner occupier from Tenant in a flat that you love and have made your home is the ideal position for many tenants. Just to think that the decoration and love that you have put into your flat is not wasted, that over time this flat will be yours to keep and rent or sell at some future date.

How Does it Work

The Rent that you pay to the owner will act as part deposit and part equity in the value of your property;

So the rent acts as a saving plan to buy the property. To be a Tenant-Purchaser you:

  • You sign a sales Purchase Agreement for the apartment at an agreed price. The completion of the sale of the property is delayed for up to 3 years
  • You pay a small deposit for the purchase of the property
  • You sign a lease Agreement for property to rent the property for 3 years.
  • You pay the rent on a monthly basis
  • You make an added payment/saving towards your deposit for the final purchase, equivalent to a minimum of 10 % deposit contribution from the Tenant Purchaser.
  • A proportion of the monthly rent for the property basically goes towards reducing the amount owed to buy the property
  • Before the end of the Lease you pay the outstanding amount for the property.
What are the Benefits of the Scheme
  • The value / price of the property is fixed from the day that it is purchased. So any increase in value (capital appreciation) is yours to keep when you eventually buy it.
  • The deposit required is affordable.
  • The Rent is fixed
  • No incurring of interest charges while you are renting the property
  • Easy method for saving the deposit required to purchase the property
  • A proportion of the monthly rent for the property basically goes towards reducing the amount owed to buy the property. This amount is equal to your monthly added deposit saving fund
  • Pre-approved loan for the purchase of the property at the end of 3 years agreement
  • Flexibility to purchase sooner than the 3 years
Working Example

[Based on the purchase of a 2 bedroom apartment (125m2) purchased at 100,000bd.

3% deposit = 3000bd Fix ‘Rent’ unfurnished at 650bd month

Rent to Own monthly deposit saving fund = 236bd month SO total monthly payment is 650bd + 236bd = 886bd.

At the end of the 3 year period to complete the purchase of the property the Tenant/Purchaser has paid the following: 3000bd deposit 8500bd Monthly Saving Deposit Fund 8500 bd credit from rent paid by Tenant/Purchaser from Developer/Owner TOTAL DEPOSIT = 20,000 bd

If the Tenant-Purchaser defaults the deposit and any rent to own deposit savings paid are non refundable.

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